Jukka Harju

French Horn



Nordgren kansi.jpeg

A finnish elegy

A Finnish Elegy consists of Ostrobothnian composer Pehr Henrik Nordgren's Horn Concerto, Violin Concerto nr 4 and Rock Score. French horn player Jukka Harju and violinist Jari Valo perform with the Ostrobothnian Chamber Orchestra under the baton of Juha Kangas. ALBA Records 2018.



Northern Attraction contains new Finnish chamber music for horn, violin, piano and voice by Matthew Whittall, Veli Kujala and Jukka Harju. Artists on the album are Jukka Harju horn, Sonja Fräki piano, Reeta Maalismaa violin and Mari Palo soprano. Pilfink Records 2016.

Peat, smoke & seaweed storm

Composer Osmo Tapio Räihälä's music on his second album is performed by the Finnish Radio Symphony Orchestra, and two solo performers, the French horn player Jukka Harju and the pianist Matilda Kärkkäinen. ALBA Records 2014


mental folk

Finnish horn quartet The Golden Horns (Jukka Harju, Tommi Hyytinen, Tero Toivonen and Tuomo Eerikäinen) released Mental Folk to introduce four suites of folk songs from Finland, Sweden, Bulgaria and Georgia. Pilfink Records 2011.