Jukka Harju

French Horn

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A Finnish Elegy

by Ostrobothnian Chamber Orchestra / Jukka Harju, Jari Valo, Juha Kangas

Pehr Henrik Nordgren (1944-2008) is considered by many composer-colleagues, musicians and music experts as one of the leading and most interesting composers of his generation. Works on this recording (Horn Concerto, Violin Concerto Nr 4 and Rock Score) are all recorded before, but now updated to super audio CD with new soloists on ALBA records. The whole league of performers including the orchestra itself are Ostrobothnians, where the composer settled to work too.

The challenging Horn Concerto was premiered by a Swedish horn soloist Soren Hermansson in 1997. No other artist has played it until now. The concerto was born at the time when the composer lost his mother. Almost violent sorrow alternating with uttermost fragile colours, ancient keens mixed with scenes of folk fiddlers are sketching the profile of this magnificent and rarely heard concerto. At the last section of the piece you can even spot the tune of Kaarlela church bells.

Alba Records - A Finnish Elegy

CD Released in August 2018.

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